Bright Lights

To understand, one has only to listen.

Friday the 13th has become a sacred tradition for the British Hubby and myself. Eighteen months ago, our Godzilla adventure began on a Friday the 13th. Little did we know, that first movie would be the catalyst for our Godzilla fandom. Last night we continued our horror tradition with some slightly scary 80’s holiday movies. It was a double feature with Gremlins and Scrooged.

Image result for gremlins

Calling these flicks horror films might be a bit of a stretch, but they certainly qualify for our Friday Night Brain Out Movie.

Image result for scrooged

I love both of these movies. It was a great way to celebrate Friday Night.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I started a new project. Introducing Partly Cloudy. This yarn is cotton, yak and nylon. Oh my, is it soft. This pattern had an interesting cast-on. I’ve done provisional cast-on’s before to keep the stitches live for seaming/grafting ends together. This was the first time I’ve done it to create a stretchy finished edge. It looks nice. I’m just about to finish the first skein. I have 5 of 10 inches of ribbing completed!

We’re celebrating this Friday night with some festive candy cane tea. This is a flavor I normally love, but this particular blend is not my favorite. I didn’t realize it had bits of candy cane pieces mixed in. Since the British Hubby and I have been on keto, I’ve become very sensitive to sugar even in small amounts. This is a blend I won’t purchase again.

Ernie is posing with my newest knitting pattern. I’m not sure which is softer Ernie’s fur or this yak yarn.

How’s your weekend going? Are you finding moments of grace during the chaotic holiday season?

2 thoughts on “Bright Lights

  1. I took last week off from exercising and spent my mornings journaling instead. It’s helped. We watched the Christmas horror movie Jack Frost last night (not the other one with Michael Keaton). Wow. That’s all I can say. Tonight we’re watching the new Godzilla again!


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