The Last Cheeseburger of 2019

To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often. ~ Winston Churchill

Every January 1, we have a chance to remake ourselves. At the start of a new decade, this seems to be even more important, but really one can remake themselves at the start of every morning. You don’t have to wait 365 days or even 10 years for a new start. Sometimes it’s good to enjoy the moment. The British Hubby and I spent some time together at our favorite British Pub and Pantry over the weekend.

I can’t guarantee this is the last cheeseburger of 2019, but most likely the last one from the pub. I caved and bought a few end of year treats. European baked goods are my weakness.

I had intended for Fort 2019 to be my last cast on for this year. I suspect there will be at least one more dishcloth and one non-dishcloth project. (Okay, maybe two or three is more likely.) I get cast-on fever this time every year. I’m reliably predictable.

2019 has been a magically year. This year our kitty unit has become a herd. What was once an anomaly, is now common place. Burt, Ernie and Gracie can be found sleeping side by side daily through out the house.

Are you ready for 2020? Any last minute items you must complete on December 31?

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