Happy Birthday Kitties!

In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this. – Terry Pratchett

March 15 is one day after Pi Die. You maybe sleeping off a sugar coma, but we’re celebrating kitty birthdays here. Ernie and Burt are litter mates. We know Gracie was born around the same time. To keep things equitable we celebrate their birthdays all together. Today they turn 12 in human years which equates to 64 in kitty years according to this site. According to Purina, the worlds oldest cat lived to 34 in human years! Given we are feeding our pets better and medical technology is making advancements in the veterinary world, indoor pets are living longer.

We started the day with their very favorite raw food. This is absolutely Ernie’s favorite food. Gracie loves coconut shrimps (don’t ask how we found that out), and Burt has the sweet tooth. Burt will get a tiny amount of ice cream tonight.

Gracie has always been fierce!

Today’s festivities include tuna, toys and sardines.

Along with the traditional sunbathing and napping!

Thank you kitties for making our lives a fluffier, snugglier place!

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