Grandma’s Log Cabins

Time is a great story teller.

Back in the Fall of 2018, I thought it was a good idea to join Jimmy Beans Blanket Club. And it was a good idea in theory. A blanket broken up into 12 monthly installments, where could I go wrong? From Grandma with Love is a beautiful pattern, but I know myself. Finishing projects is not my strength. (We all know it’s casting on new ones!) Seaming together more than two squares to create anything bigger than cat blankets just wouldn’t happen. I couldn’t even get excited about creating the individual squares. So I collected the yarn for an entire year, while I pondered my next move. You may recall my original post about this in 2019.

I was looking for a pattern that would be interesting, yet not too complex to knit after long days at the day job without any seaming. Years and years ago, I made my Midwestern Sister a Moderne Log Cabin Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting. It’s all garter stitch, but with an interesting construction. Above is Grandma’s Log Cabin or Penny as we’ve started calling it. You can just make out on the right, how much yarn I have left for block three. I’m about 15 rows from starting block four.

Naturally while I waited for the next skein to arrive, I decided to cast on Grandma’s Log Cabin II. I’m only about 10 rows in. It hasn’t been named yet. If you have suggestions please comment below. There is something very soothing about knitting garter stitch.

My new coworkers. They’re very dependable if you need some quality snuggles. Sometimes that’s just what one needs.

Sending everyone virtual hugs through these trying times.

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