Still Working From Home

Those who endure, conquer.

It’s another week of working from home. Week seven to be exact. I’m starting to think that this commuting thing was an illusion. Did I really spend hours of my life sitting in traffic? We’re still sheltering in place and will be until at least May 4 for now. We’re still using gloves, masks and have a quarantine area for deliveries that arrive faster than three days (which any more is next to nothing). There is a lot of miss-information floating around and even more companies putting profits before people. Here’s something to ponder.

Last week, I started experimenting with sprouting seeds. I discovered using a bag, sunlight, water and a hankie does work. Unfortunately, I had an attack of the old lady digestion over the weekend and missed my window to plant the sprouts. This week, I’m trying again with a new approach. I have a few seeds in water. I also discovered you can grow green onions from the ends. It’s possible I cut the onions off too close to the end for this work, but I’m going to give it a week and see.

We took part in our the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt with a slightly different version of colored eggs this year.

I tried another new recipe from Keto Breakfasts, cauliflower pancakes. Wow, this was the closet yet to actual hash browns. I have a sneaking suspicion that this much cauliflower upsets my old lady digestion which is a shame cause these were fantastic.

Gracie tried social distancing last week for a bit. This week she’s trying out shelter in place. Who says cats can’t learn?

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

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