Working from Home: Week 13

Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

Another week has passed. About one third of this state has been able to move onto Phase 2 of our safe start plan. Where we live is still in the shelter in place phase. It is definitely hard to see parts of the country act as if life is back to normal with no masks or no social distancing. It’s especially hard if you know someone that has been hospitalized or passed away from COVID-19 to watch people not take proper precautions. Sure, I’ld like to pretend that COVID-19 isn’t out there ruining lives, but it is. Wishful thinking sadly doesn’t make it happen.

What’s new this week? The British Hubby was tired of his flowing locks and buzzed off all his hair. It’s a step above completely shaving his head. My hair-do is about earlobe length. I decided to see if it’s long enough for crimping. More details on that next week. The flowering shrub between our house and our neighbor’s is in full bloom. Look how stunning it is above.

I wasn’t sure my avocados were doing anything. It doesn’t look like much has happened since I planted them, but looking at this update below I’m right on track. Last week’s photo is on the left. Mostly it looks like the spots are getting bigger.

I am very excited about our celery this week. Sally the slow poke has sprouted tiny leaves! Bertha and Cecilia are coming along nicely. Last week’s photo is on the left below.

Ruby and Barb are still alive. Ruby is thriving. Barb had three leaves last week and is now down to one, but it looks like it might have a new shoot sprouting. We also noticed Ruby’s stems are red like proper rhubarb. Rhubarb pie here we come! (Okay, we’re a long way off pie.) Last week’s photo is on the left.

My new sunflowers have sprouted! Even the one I thought was a dude just needed more time. I’m really excited to see how the front three turn out. They’re purple! It’s also exciting to see the stems are different on the variety package.

It’s been rainy and cold here this past week so the outside group had to stay indoors more. The top photo below is last week’s. I also started three more varieties of sunflowers. It’s going to be sunflower central here.

It’s always cute when the kitties all sleep close to each other. I think they’ve been cold with the cloudy rainy days.

Hope your week is going well. Stay healthy and safe.

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