Working from Home: Week 15

Never, never, never give up. ~ Winston Churchill

This is the first full week of June and yet this month seems almost over. Perhaps that’s because I’ve adjusted to working from home and my ability to actually complete my to do list! It’s fantastic being able to do some cooking while keeping up on my emails and workload. We’ve officially moved into phase 1.5. What does that mean and when will we move forward? You can find what’s open here, but I’m not sure when we’ll move into phase 2 completely. Originally, each phase was required to have at least 3 weeks in between to see if more cases were going up. The main goal is to not have a second and third wave of new cases similar to what happened with the Spanish flu in 1918.

What’s new this week? I had a routine dental cleaning that had been cancelled in April. Similar to the vets, there’s no patient lobby waiting area any more. A few other things were different, and everyone was wearing masks, head covers and gloves. I was a bit nervous going in, but I never enjoy the dentist. Masks, gloves and hand sanitizer are the new items I never leave home without along with my adult coloring book and colored pencils. I’m really making progress below.

It was Burt’s turn at the vet’s. He wasn’t very excited. And the vet wasn’t very happy with Burt. He gained another pound from last year. Sure, they’ve gotten more treats since we’ve been home these past 15 weeks, but what we didn’t tell the vet is Burt loves cake, ice cream and desserts. Can you blame him? What’s life if you can’t indulge from time to time? Now we’re trying to slowly cut back some food. We tried talking about an exercise plan, but Burt wasn’t interested. No updates yet on Gracie. I know many places are still understaffed. She’s still in the early stages so we aren’t worried yet.

What’s new in our container garden? Sally the slow poke has taken off. Last week, I noticed the outer bits were getting mushy. It was now or never time for going in soil. Sally didn’t disappoint. She now has four tiny leaves with more emerging.

I thought Ruby wasn’t going to make it, but low and behold there’s another leaf sprouting! She must know my desire to have fresh rhubarb for eating is pretty strong. Grow on Ruby!

A fellow knitter mentioned you could get dwarf lemon trees that do well indoors. I thought why not give it a go? They can join my avocado trees if they ever sprout. I have four potential lemon trees started so far using this guide. The first two I’m not sure are dwarf lemon trees. Let’s see what happens! So far, we’re still in the two week waiting to sprout window.

And we’re still waiting on the avocado seeds. These are slow growers so patience is a virtue here. The changes are subtle, but they’re there.

No flowers yet on the sunflowers. Soon the day job should slow down enough for me to get the biggest ones into the ground!

The onion is not a slow grower. Now that it sprouted on Monday night, it’s taken off. Here’s two days of growth.

I learned so many great lessons from Sesame Street as a child. Sesame Street comes through again with answers to some hard questions. It’s not to early to talk to your children about racism. Looking for a way to help, you can support Black Lives Matter and/or the ACLU.

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