A Wee Update

Where ever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. ~ Anthony D’Angelo

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted or done any updates. This week I was reminded why I haven’t gardened much in the past. Between the day job, life, the kitties and knitting, I just didn’t have much down time. Since my last post about a week ago, our dryer, oven and fridge all stopped working correctly. We can live without the dryer in the summer, but fortunately the British Hubby was able to fix it. The fridge and oven still technically work. Our main frustration has been that our society has become disposable. We no longer fix things. We just throw them out and get new ones. Sure, both appliances are around 20 years old which is fantastic value. It’s frustrating that we couldn’t find parts to fix them and were forced to buy new units. I will say, I miss the automatic ice maker. Fortunately, the new fridge will arrive on Saturday. Until then we’re enjoying the sunshine and remembering we could always have it worse.

And I’ve started a new scarf! Check out Burt modeling it below. More knitting details next week.

Hope everyone is having a great week staying safe, wearing a mask, standing up to all forms of racism and honoring June 19.

3 thoughts on “A Wee Update

  1. The disposable nature of appliances big and small makes me more that a bit sick. You may wish you contact your power company, as sometimes they will recycle appliances. In my area, the retailer often does, too. Dig a bit deeper, you may be surprised!

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    • Thanks for the suggestion, Trish. With the housing market here, it’s cheaper to rent a house than an appt. One day we hope to buy, but tech company wages push the prices up and if you don’t work in that industry it’s really hard get in the housing market. All that’s to say we rent, and didn’t have the final decision. Our power company does recycle appliances so at least that’s something.

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