June’s MM20 Progress

We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough. ~ Helen Keller

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Malabrigo March update. I’ve made slow, but steady progress and knit a few other items along the way. I like to knit gifts, and while I do keep a decent stash in my gift bin sometimes it’s just not the right color or style or size.

I’m happy to announce I have two more finished MM20 projects! Above are completed Summertime Burb Cloth and Malabrigo Delight. I really love the new cotton blend Verano. It’s great for kitchen and household knits, but I think it would work well for warm weather clothing. This makes 6 of 22 projects completed or 27%. I’m getting close on a few others.

  1. Summertime Burb ClothCompleted!
  2. Malabrigo DelightCompleted!
  3. Lemon Wedge Grid – This yarn is so cheerful. I’m curious to see how far one skein of yarn will go on this project. I have seven repeats completed so far.
  4. Malabrigo Grace – Susurro in Fucsia. The pattern is Grace Scarf. This is another project I’m curious to see how far I get with one skein. I’ve just completed repeat 8 of 15.
  5. Heirloom Squirrels – The pattern is Little Squirrel with Washted in Heirloom Vegetables and Archangel. I’m on the foot!
  6. Arco Aviatrix – This one is very close to being finished! Could it be the next completed project?
  7. Dear Malabrigo – I think after the next repeat, it’s time to see if it’s long enough.
  8. Mattise Lotus – This is the first hat in a series I’m making for Hats not Hate. This hat is stilled stalled, but it could be the next completed MM20 project.
  9. Dewberry After Dark – The back is getting longer.
  10. Caprino Gardens – I just added the second color. This is 1/3 completed. The second color isn’t a huge color change. I’m going to need to knit more of the second repeat to see the color change.
  11. Obsidian Grace – This one is for me. I love the depth in this color.
  12. Cian Fish Food – I added this one in while I was waiting for more yarn to arrive for Caprino Gardens. This is hat two for Hats not Hate. Now that it’s in the rotation, I didn’t have the heart to take it out again.

You can just make out the color change above. The next update should show it off better.

Monday was national onion ring and eclairs day! Onion rings is one of my favorite junk food snacks. Fortunately, our toaster oven still works so I treated myself to one bag. I know I could make a low-carb version, but I decided one time a year I could splurge. Grapefruit cider is a tangy companion for my onion rings. Yum!

Our new fridge was delivered this week. I helped keep the kitties calm with strangers in the house. Burt was rather upset he couldn’t watch the new fridge installation. Gracie hid under the bed while Ernie and I hung out coloring.

Hope your week is going well. Stay safe and wear a mask.

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