Building Comfort

Home is a shelter from storms — all sorts of storms. ~ William J. Bennett

Finding comfort can be a challenge right now. Chances are something you were looking forward to in 2020 has already been cancelled or will not happen the same way as anticipated. I am really missing our favorite British Pub that had wall to wall carpets, wood paneling, low ceilings and a fire place. It was your traditional British Pub that has Guinness on tap. Yes, we’ve gotten take out to help support local businesses, but as you know it’s not the same. Now that we’re in phase 2, the pub can open at 50% it’s normal capacity. We’ve made the choice to continue doing take out for now.

I’m trying not to dwell on all the things I miss cause honestly what’s more important than mine or the British Hubby’s health? Instead I’m trying to focus on the positives like answering work emails while Burt has a paw on my leg or trying new recipes with the British Hubby or the extra knitting time! Since there was no local yarn store tour this Spring, I’ve been trying to purchase yarns from various stores around the area. I’m a sucker for a good KAL. When I saw the email about the Rowan Elder Throw from Wild Fibers, I was intrigued by the interesting construction. I knew it was unlikely, I would finish a blanket in four months, but I had no idea I’ld still be working from home.

At first, I thought it seems about right I finished clue 1 just as the last clue is about to be released. Spreading out clue 1 for a photo shoot, I realized I’ve completed more than I realized. Knitting small squares to make bigger squares was a bit deceiving. With all the color changes, I didn’t finish one single ball of yarn. If you factor in my drop stitch scarf infatuation and the MM20 projects, I’m impressed I’m already moving onto clue 2.

The first clue involved picking up stitches to create the blocks with very little seaming or sewing. I’m much better at picking up stitches now than I was before starting this blanket. That’s exciting to see my skill set improve.

I decided to block each panel as I completed them. I thought it would make picking up stitches for the remaining clues easier. This is my first time using Rowan Felted Tweed. Blocking each panel, gave me a chance to see how this yarn fluffs up after a wash. It’s very soft. Clue 2, here I come!

Gracie Update: She’s now been home about 4 days and 5 hours. Yesterday, we noticed she’s taken to either sleeping under the bed or hiding after breakfast. I guess in her mind, we took her to FHTC in the morning so she should disappear then to avoid repeat performances. I’m pretty sure she and Ernie both did this after she had her teeth cleaned a few summers ago. After a few thousand sleeps, she may forget about it. Maybe…

Keep safe, practice social distancing and wear a mask.

2 thoughts on “Building Comfort

  1. Love the squares. Good to see someone else enjoying their lockdown project. It’s been a challenging time but for us creatifs it’s been a time to do even more than usual. Like your ‘helper’!

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