The Inaugural Meal

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. ~ Maya Angelo

The past two weeks have been a bit hectic. The introvert and hermit crab have enjoyed some aspects of sheltering in place such as working from home and having more knitting time. Other aspects like scheduling appliance deliveries has become slightly more challenging, but we’ve trying to be extra compassionate and calm during this tumultuous year. Our new oven/stove unit arrived! It will take some adjustments on our part. The oven doesn’t seem quite as hot and stove top gets hotter than the old unit. More likely, the thermostat was going off in the old oven so we were probably baking at a hotter temperature than we thought.

It seemed fitting our first meal would be a pizza for movie night! We don’t quite have all the quirks figured out like we did for the old oven. That will come with time and practice. The pizza was lovely with a grapefruit cider. Yum! It was the perfect companion for our suspenseful movie, Bunny Lake is Missing.

Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965) - IMDb

Wow, talk about gripping. There were times when I stopped knitting to figure out what was happening. Even up until about the last 10 minutes, I wasn’t exactly sure I had the real villain sussed out. This was well written and well filmed.

Bunny Lake Is Missing | The New Yorker

With every new development, there could be multiple believable explanations leading to so many different possibilities. That’s great character arch.

Rick's Real/Reel Life: 'Bunny Lake is Missing' 1965

If you have 1 hour and 47 minutes to spare, I highly recommend watching this movie. And if you don’t, make the time. This is a must see movie. Sure, maybe it doesn’t compare to modern movies, but that’s what makes it extra special. Without CG, dramatic music and millions spent on special effects, this movie is able to create a gripping ambiance that made me stop knitting and squirm in my seat.

Burt kept me company during the movie. He’s helping me model the Aurora Borealis scarf. I’ve become addicted to these scarves.

Gracie Update: Gracie has been home now for about 3 days and about 5 hours. The first 24 hours back was a little rough going. She didn’t smell right which upset Ernie. Ernie hissed at everything and everybody the first 20 hours or so. But after Gracie hid under the bed for a bit and had a few washes, sleeps and feedings; she smelled like the communal herd again. All her bodily functions are in working order again so no concerns there. She’s still very friendly and talkative. Paws crossed that this continues even after her T4 level is back to normal. This treatment takes some time to work on the thyroid tumor which is why we have the 1 and 3 month check-up. The longer Gracie is home, the better she should start to feel.

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