From Russia with Love

Bond: “Miss Anders! I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.” The Man with a Golden Gun

Part of our Friday Sunflower Celebration included a movie and pizza. The next Bond movie is From Russia with Love.

From Russia with Love Poster

The hardest part of watching this fun Friday night flick, was seeing the actor Robert Shaw play a Russian villain. Shaw plays an iconic role in Jaws. When I say hardest part, what I mean is we spent most of the movie trying to make Jaws quotes fit into this classic Bond movie.

My favourite Bond film: From Russia With Love | Film | The Guardian

This movie has some great car chases, boat chases and shoot out scenes. We also see the gadgets come into play in this movie with the fake brief case.

My favourite Bond film: From Russia With Love | Film | The Guardian

This week our favorite vampire cheese curds were back in stock. It really helps elevate our Friday night pizza. I’m enjoying it with a cranberry lime cider. It’s tart and refreshing. Yum!

Can one ever have enough dishcloths? I use them for everything. Some brands of cotton wash and wear a bit better than others. I love knitting them, and I love giving them as gifts. They always make me smile when I clean up the kitchen with them. Out to Sea is hanging out with my first sunflower bloom. It still looks fantastic.

This week is going to be hotter than normal for the PNW. That doesn’t stop Gracie from sunbathing.

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