Book Challenge: The Travelling Cat Chronicles

“I knew he was searching hard for a new owner for me, but that as each attempt came to nothing, he felt hugely relieved to be taking me home again.” ~ The Travelling Cat Chronicles

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a book review. I’ve been reading, but I’ve been remise in posting book reviews and updating my 2020 Book Challenge. I may be a little behind. My real aim is to read more than last year. And if I don’t make it, I’ve still enjoyed several good books, expanded my mind and learned some new ideas. We should never stop learning.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles was a book I picked up on an adventure with the British Hubby in 2019 when we explored Orcas Islands. It’s a story about a stray cat and the human that saves him. Actually, the both save each other. The pair go on many adventures together. They see the ocean, Mount Fuji, a forest of flowers, snow and take a ferry journey. The narrative has both the human and the cat’s perspective. Here’s an excerpt, “Delicacies of the sea are not something cats should catch by themselves. It’s quite acceptable to allow humans to prepare them for us.” It made me think how Burt, Ernie and Gracie view the world. In particular, how the British Hubby and I communicate with them. Since the pandemic started, we’ve realized our feline family crave affection, attention and companionship just as much as humans. Their need to stay connected and bond is just as strong as any human relationship.

This was a heartwarming tale with a few tear inducing parts. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but I was very glad I read this one instead of an audio book. I would have been a mess listening to the ending while commuting. That said, it was still a very enjoyable story. Sure, I’m probably biased being a cat lover. If you have feline friends, this is a tome for you!

I often read with a cuppa and a kitty. This week I’ve been enjoying coconut blends from Plum Deluxe. The PNW has a good variety of tea shops. Plum Deluxe has become one of my favorite. It’s home to my monthly tea subscription and tea advent calendar. This week’s favorites are coconut a la crème black tea and uplifting coconut chai. What’s your favorite tea?

I just had to share at all those blooms on the same sunflower plant. Isn’t it stunning?

2 thoughts on “Book Challenge: The Travelling Cat Chronicles

  1. Thanks for mentioning The Travelling Cat Chronicles! Our library has it and I’ll be sure to read it (v. listen) based on your review. I love the photo with Burt and the book, too.

    I learned about Plum Deluxe from a ‘mystery’ knitter’s box (‘mystery’ as in I didn’t know what I’d receive each quarter) and have been a fan ever since. For Mom’s Day I got my mom a tea subscription plus some extra fun teas they packaged for the pandemic.

    I agree, we’ve certainly been communicating with our feline besties a lot. Even though Moose and I have never been super close (she really loves the Smokin’ Hibster), she and I have improved our relationship and she actually sits with me now for short stints. Rascal has always been my cuddle buddy and that hasn’t changed.

    Have a great weekend; TGIF!!

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    • That’s such a great Mother’s day gift giving a tea subscription. It’s one of my favorite parts of still receiving mail from USPS.

      Isn’t it funny how some cats gravitate towards one human while others don’t have a preference. They have their own kitty personalities.

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