Working from Home: Week 26

Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path…

Another week has passed. It’s the last full week of August. When I started doing these posts, I never imagined I would be wfh for 10 weeks. Hitting double digits seemed monumental. Now, here we are at almost 6 months mostly wfh. The British Hubby will most likely be wfh for the next 26 weeks. I will be for the immediate future.

How is the garden coming this week? We’ve had the first sunflower plant stop blooming. While a little sad, I still have plenty yet to bloom. So far, I don’t have any purple blooms. There are two plants still remaining. I’m still holding out hope. A new to me variety, moonshine or lemon queen, has bloomed this week. It has pale yellow petals. Did I mention how tall these are even in containers?

I had another variety bloom, but I’m not sure what type it is. The petals are really short and stubby, but also kind of fun.

The big news is we re-potted the lemon tree. I’m pretty certain it’s not a weed, but well not 100%.

This week we had Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake 2.0. We made a slight change to the original recipe. Fresh ginger! OMG, talk about upgrading this recipe to a much deeper flavor. We grated about an inch of fresh ginger and added it to the cake mix. I thought we could have added more, but the British Hubby thought it was a good amount. We really wanted to add candied ginger pieces, but that sort of defeats the purpose of going low-carb and sugar free. The struggle is real!

I’m off to wind yarn with Burt. I know I don’t need more yarn, but several of my MM20 projects ran out and stalled. Updates on those to come soon! Meanwhile, Ernie tells me MM20 makes a nice sleep spot. It’s so soft and squishy.

6 thoughts on “Working from Home: Week 26

  1. Our sunflowers are waning, too. It’s bittersweet.

    How did your parents do with the sunflowers? Recalling that they’re in the Midwest, they may be cutting it close with the growing season.

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