Five Skeins Full

Knitting keeps me from unraveling.

I love knitting blankets. I love giving knitted blankets. Much like quilts, knitted blankets are comforting, personal and homey. It’s a traveling hug from it’s creator. My love for knitted blankets explains why I have four large afghans on the go. Okay, one is sort of hibernating while I finish the others, but none the less it is on the needles.

Block seven of my Purple Rain took more than one skein of yarn to complete. I was hopeful I wouldn’t need to start an additional skein, but no such luck. Currently, I am about 12 rows from the end. As I’ve been knitting on this block, it really started to feel like an afghan. At the minimum, it has 1350 yards of yarn. I know there are a few partial skeins so the actually total is much higher. As I move on to the last few blocks, I imagine the skein count will sky rocket! Stay tuned.

I’m a tea drinker. I always have been, but living with the British Hubby has really brought that out. One of my all time favorite subscriptions is for tea. I really have plenty, but I love Plum Deluxe Tea. I thought about cancelling my monthly tea splurge so I had a chance to catch up, but so many small businesses are hurting right now. I decided the solution was to simply drink more tea. My tea challenge is to drink at least three packages each month. This will make my tea supply go down each month by at least one package and I continue to support a favorite business. This month’s challenge is complete with a few days to spare. I have a green tea used for cold brewing and hammock blend black tea. Not shown is a chai variety.

Doesn’t an afternoon nap sound good? Oh, life as a cat.

4 thoughts on “Five Skeins Full

  1. Purple Rain is really shaping up. Will that be a gift or – after all this work – will it be a keeper?

    I just received my order from Plum Deluxe with a number of new-to-me herbal blends. I go through tea slowly (or did until recently) and still have a bit of green and black tea. I needed something for late in the day so I stocked up. I’d love to learn more about your favorite blends. Yesterday I tried Healthy, Wealthy and Wise; so good! The sage notes are my favorite.

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    • Thanks, Trish. I think Purple Rain is going to stay with me. I just love purple too much to gift it.

      I’ve been trying more herbal teas, but haven’t yet had Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. I’m currently loving Candy Cane Herbal. I guess you can figure out how old it is, but the mint is amazing. I’m going to look for sage in more teas. Look for more tea reviews as the weather changes here. I think my tea kettle is going to get a workout.


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