Diamonds are Forever

Thank you very much. I was out walking my rat and lost my way. ~ Diamonds are Forever

This Friday was movie number 7 in our 007 adventure. Sean Connery is back in Diamonds are Forever. Time is marching on. You can feel the 70’s vibe in the theme song.

It was a little hard to watch a movie about diamonds when we know what the diamond market did to African countries. I think the British Hubby gets tired of me say, “Profits before people.”

filmsRruss: Diamonds are Forever (1971)

It was fun to see the tech start to resemble what we have today. Most of it takes place in Las Vegas so it’s only fitting this movie is so very over the top. The stunts are just outstanding. It’s 007 after all. He can squeal tires on sand, snow and gravel. Naturally, he can drive a car on two wheels and escape pretty much anything.

The famous stunt performed by Sean Connery in "Diamonds Are Forever" in a Ford Mustang Mach 1 ...

This movie was pretty much more of the same, but Friday nights are for fun and not too much thinking. We save our thought provoking movies for Suspenseful Saturdays.

These are great movies for pizza and beer.

It was chilly this week. Burt needed something a bit more snugly for sleep and wasn’t available for knitting photos. Great Reef is growing every so slowly.

Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend this last few days of August.

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