The First Rhubarb

More grows in the garden than the gardener sows.

We had some excitement over the weekend. During my morning routine while my first cuppa is steeping, I check out how the container garden is doing overnight. Some mornings I also get to greet our new deck frog. On Saturday, I discovered one of the rhubarb leaves had flipped over and was disconnected from the main plant. I suspect the leaves get too heavy for the stalk while our plant is still getting established.

I was very excited and almost woke up the British Hubby to show him our first rhubarb stalk. Completely organic I might add! Sipping my cuppa, I decided perhaps my enthusiasm could wait for the British Hubby to wake up on his own. (More likely when Ernie decides the British Hubby should be snuggling with him.) What to do with my treasure!? With some help from my neighbor’s garden, I decided to make rhubarb compote. My one little stalk wasn’t quite enough.

I wasn’t exactly sure my next move from the rhubarb compote. Then I remembered a keto coconut custard pie recipe from Easy Keto Desserts. We are slowly working our way through all these recipes. One of my favorite kitchen gadgets is our immersion blender. I use it all the time. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. Much easier than my regular blender especially for soups. With an immersion blender, I can use it right in the pot. This was a game changer for our keto quest.

I decided to make this in my 9 x 9 ceramic dish. I like baking in ceramic, and I don’t own a ceramic pie pan. I also think the British Hubby and I manage portion control better when desserts are in square or rectangle dishes. You all may not have that problem.

Here’s the finished product. Next time I need to check on it a little sooner. I started out with 35 minutes down from 40-50 the recipe called for. I think changing the shape and using a ceramic dish vs a glass dish makes a big difference.

This was fantastic with the rhubarb compote. A bit of tangy with the sweet coconut custard. Rhubarb has 6 net carbs per cup so it’s great for low-carb cooking provided you use sugar substitutes. The calorie count comes from adding sugar to remove the tartness.

I leave you with sunshine on my sunflower. May you each take some joy and happiness with you on your travels.

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