Working from Home: Week 28

Be kind to one another. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

The heat has returned along with forest fires. Smoky haze is not my favorite thing to wake up with. Whenever there is ash in the air, I always feel like the earth is in mourning. Maybe it is? Humans haven’t exactly been kind to the planet. I think that’s why I love the Godzilla movies. Godzilla comes out to protect the earth. This certainly isn’t news from last week, but merely food for thought. This week, we noticed the squirrels taking apples off the apple tree. I guess that means it’s time for me to research when apples are ready for picking.

This week’s updates are mostly garden related. We found a spot for the rhubarb. We raked out what we could. Now we have a tarp covering the space to discourage other plant forms from taking root. We want the rhubarb to get established before other plants compete for the space. I am a bit nervous about planting this in the ground, but I have more seeds if it doesn’t work out.

My penultimate sunflower plant started to bloom this week. Sadly, it’s not purple, but it’s still stunning and it’s seven feet tall. (Where did those purple seeds go?) I am really grateful that I staggered the plantings so I had fresh blooms all summer long. Now that I have the process down, I plan to double the sunflowers next summer.

That’s great since I’m going to have more seeds than ever! I’ve started the harvesting process. I’m letting them dry out some on the stalks first. Then I beheaded the plants. The heads are drying out in a cool dark place in our garage. Next, I’ll pull apart the heads to see what seeds the local wildlife haven’t scavengered. Once it cools down, I will empty out the pots so they can be reused next year.

The lemon tree has started doing something new. At first, the British Hubby and I both thought lemons! That can’t be right since the tree never flowered and it’s not that old. Now I’m wondering if it’s a pod plant, and I’m really growing zombie people just in time for Halloween. Only time will tell.

Last week, the British Hubby stumbled across sugar-free marinade which makes it low-carb and keto friendly. Yes, we could make our own sauces, but sometimes one just needs to cut out a step to speed up the dinner process. This is a flank steak we let marinade for 24 hours before grilling. It probably would have been fine overnight. Add in a few veggies, and we had a fantastic meal that was restaurant quality. Marinades are a great way to use cheaper cuts of meat or add flavor to tofu.

Plus, there aren’t many restaurants that let us bring the kitties. Burt loves grilling time.

How’s your week going? Can you believe it’s almost the weekend again?

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