Traveling Sunflowers

Surely, of all the wonders of the world, the horizon is the greatest. ~ Freya Stark

Have you thought you were being followed only to discover that wasn’t the case at all? Turns out we all spend far too much time inside our own heads and not enough time in the world around us. Over the weekend, we went for ride and picnic. I suspected our sunflowers were stalking us, but it turns out there are sunflowers every where!

Okay, maybe it looks like we’re actually the ones stalking the sunflowers. It’s an inviting place to stop for some tea and knitting.

We didn’t stop just for the sunflowers. It was more about space for social distancing and have room to stretch out with my fun tea cup.

A three day weekend, wouldn’t be the same without a cheeseburger and some stout. I caved and added in some onion rings. Onion rings are my weakness!

The world we live in will always continue to evolve and change. That doesn’t mean all change is bad nor does it mean we can’t continue our own traditions. Sometimes it’s good to let old traditions go so we can make space for new ones to emerge.

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