Working from Home: Week 37

Strength does not lie in what you have It lies in what you can give.

Another 10,080 minutes or so have gone by. That means another week. It’s been an emotional week. Election results have mostly come in. If you missed the acceptance speeches, you should check them out here. Our current officials continue to focus on voter fraud instead of the record breaking numbers of new COVID cases continuing to happen in this country. Other countries have COVID under control or are returning to lockdown. It saddens me we’re going to have so many more fatalities because we want to ignore this problem. If you’ve lost loved ones or know someone battling COVID, my heart goes out to you.

What’s happening this week here? The British Hubby is still not back to 100%. He has an in person appointment scheduled with his GP doctor. We have an idea of what it could be, but will need some blood work and possibly a scan to confirm/disprove. He’s not worse, and we still don’t think it’s COVID. Stay tuned.

Since the British Hubby doesn’t have his appetite back, we decided to make small bite sized keto desserts this week. Introducing jam thumbprint cookies. We started with a mix and sugar free jam, but you could easily make this entire recipe from scratch. Our first batch were too small. We had more cookie mix left than we should have. I don’t mind the smaller cookies. Since I don’t have a huge sweet tooth so these are perfect for me. Some of them leaked a bit, but they still taste fantastic. With a little more practice we might just be ready for the Great British Bake-off! (Okay, a lot more practice.) I also think this is a good base recipe you could easily change the flavors to make for various holidays with low-carb chocolate, caramel sauce or peanut butter. The possibilities are endless really.

Kitty Dental Update: We still have a few more products to try, but this one seems to a winner both on easy of use and how it’s working. This is a dental gel that smells a bit like an aloe vera plant. The kitties aren’t big fans, but it’s not too difficult to distract them and put a dab on their gums. So far, it’s helping with the terrible kitty breath. We’ll see how the next check-ups go.

Two Options

SkeinHerder Ponders: This week I’ve been thinking about the above cartoon from Savage Chickens. I don’t have the answers, but I know hate and violence have never solved anything unless your goal is to create more hate and violence. When you have the urge to get angry, try taking a deep breathe and open up your ears instead of your mouth.

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