Snow Day: The Third

Winter is not a season, it's a celebration. ~ Anamika Mishra Yet again, the British Hubby and I are housebound with the kitties. There is rain in the forecast which means at some point it is going to warm up. For now, I was able to see a stunning sunrise. The view from the front…Read more Snow Day: The Third

Conspiracy Thursday: Illuminati

Illuminati: The puppet masters to all that is wrong with the world. This week, we're back to Parcast for no TV Thursday. I've talked about the Illuminati before. I felt this conspiracy was worth another look. After all, the Illuminati are the Godfather of all conspiracies. The first episode deals mostly with the historical facts…Read more Conspiracy Thursday: Illuminati

Midweek Check In

If you're going through hell, keep going. ~ Winston Churchill I was hoping today's blog post would be about out time this weekend on Lummi Island. Sadly, the past two days I've worked an unreasonable amount of hours at the day job. Unfortunately, I'm not sure when my workload will ease up. This equates to…Read more Midweek Check In