Celebrating Life: Opt Outside

There’s always something beautiful outside.

Today is one of the biggest shopping days in the United States. As a child, I always thought it was strange that the day after we show gratitude we shop. As an adult, I recognize just how commercialized everything has become. The British Hubby often calls this country, The United Corporations of America. To combat that, we try to shop local, support small businesses and on Black Friday we get outside. Here’s a hike we did a few year ago.

This year we had to get a bit more creative getting outside today since the British Hubby was required to work. Check out this article on 95 ways to get outside more often. Often we don’t even notice the nature in our own back yards. Today while writing this post, I watched a hummingbird feed and saw a coyote pass through our yard. Earlier in the day, I surprised the buck pictured above on our drive way.

This year we had a different approach to turkey for Thanksgiving. We went with sloppy joes made with ground turkey and broccoli slaw. I used the base recipe from 30-minute Ketogenic Cooking. The recipe puts these in stuffed peppers, but since we’ve found keto buns that’s an option now. The British Hubby likes his with zoodles.

SkeinHerder’s Songs: Today I’m jamming to Frumpy, a German progressive rock band. Just like we need more cow bell, we need more Hammond organ bands.

How will you opt outside this weekend?

Virtual snuggles to everyone!

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