Working from Home: Week 39

So often in life things that you regard as an impediment turn out to be great good fortune. ~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Some weeks drag on and other weeks you have to hold on for the ride. Last week had some challenges. While it might seem like we all want an easy life, wouldn’t that be a bit boring? This includes when life isn’t going quite how one expected. That’s how we found ourselves last Thursday night. The British Hubby wasn’t feeling quite right so we took ourselves to the ER. By that I mean, I was allowed to check him in at the lobby wearing my mask and then return to our vehicle trying not to cry. Thursday night had more tears than sleep. For any one that has left a loved at the ER for COVID or other illnesses, my heart goes out to you. That is the hardest and scariest thing I’ve done yet, and one I hope to never repeat. Logically I understand why these restrictions are in place, but when your loved one is going through a medical emergency it’s not very comforting.

Eventually, the British Hubby started to feel well enough to text me updates. After numerous tests, a few prescriptions and a few recommendations for follow-up appointments, the British Hubby was discharged. The good news is he had a very thorough physical. We found out he’s never had a heart attack. (To be honest, I wasn’t even concerned about his heart, but good news none the less.) He was diagnosed with a small hiatal hernia, but it was believed the hernia shouldn’t be causing the symptoms.

Now that almost a week has passed from the ER visit, the British Hubby has done some research, made some diet and life style changes. Lab and test results all look positive so far. We have an idea of what happened last week to initial the ER visit, but we’re waiting for the specialist appointment to confirm our suspensions. The British Hubby is starting to feel better. We’re cautiously optimistic the worst is behind us.

What else is new? I have this week off so only the British Hubby is working from home this week. This week I’m vacationing from home. I’ve had extra time for workouts, sleeping in, knitting and kitty snuggles. I’ve also had some extra time to bake. Over the weekend, I was craving chocolate. Keto and Co chocolate brownies to the rescue. I added in some sugar free chocolate chips to make them extra gooey. Yum!

SkeinHerder Ponders: This week I’ve been wondering what to get the kitties for the holidays. A Malabrigo Junkie friend sent me this article with the offer to supply me any extra boxes I might need. This article makes the single box kitty fort we have look sort of sad by comparison. Perhaps it’s time for an addition? I hear remodels are up this year.

This American Thanksgiving, spread some compassion.

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