Craftvent Day 5

Enjoy the little things in life; one day oy may look back and realize they were the big things.

It’s Christmas Eve here for those of you that celebrate this holiday. This week I have a bit more knitting time available. While I won’t catch up on these KALS, I think today is actually the last day. I should make some decent progress this week and next. After the unexpected surprises Day 4 provided, I was excited to see what was in store for Day 5. I enjoyed knitting the transition lines and fisherman’s rib that will probably break-up the bigger lace sections.

Craftvent provided yarn for the next lace section. My crafty self-care calendar provided some knitting accessories: needle protectors, stitch markers and T pins for blocking. The T pins will come in handy when I finish the craftvent scarves, and I never have enough stitch markers especially holiday ones. The Day 5 lace section was a two row repeat. This made it easier for me to memorize the pattern, and finish this section a bit faster than I expected. So far, I really love this pattern.

  • Day 1: Needles and pattern code, msm hand cream and tender loving care herbal tea “Tea-LC” from Plum Deluxe.
  • Day 2: Yarn for the first lace section and DK weight yarn in Barn Door from Apple Fiber Studio. I had some amazing teas while working on this section. Chocolate-orange rooibos from Lizzy Kate, Elderberry Wine from Adagio teas, and Grandmas Caramel Butterscotch Black from Plum Deluxe.
  • Day 3: Yarn for first transition section. My crafters self-care advent calendar had Dream Catcher tea from Flying Bird Botanicals. I had to laugh because the last thing I need right now is more tea, but I’m always excited to find new local businesses. Flying Bird Botanicals has drinking chocolates in interesting flavors along with honey, matcha and tea. I see more of this brand in my future. Since this took less time to knit, I only managed to get through two packages of advent calendar tea: Spiced Apple Chai from Adagio and Lizzy’s Breakfast Supreme from Lizzy Kate. The breakfast supreme was a great pick-me-up for sluggish mornings when I need to be alert for the day job.
  • Day 4: A project bag and Craftvent 2020 pins that became ornaments. This time I drank two teas from Plum deluxe. (In case you were wondering, I’m not drinking the teas in the order I open them necessarily.) Fog Cutter black and Decaf House Blend both were scrumptious.
  • Day 5: Yarn for lace section three and knitting accessories. I’ve had two lovely cups of tea while knitting the day 5 rows. The first was Cherry Marzipan Oolong from Adagio. It had elements of a British baked confectionary in tea form. Yum! The second I made into a hot toddy with Earl Grey Cream from Lizzy Kate.

SkeinHerder’s Songs: Today we’re missing our British family especially as they go back into lock down as another new strand of COVID has been discovered. We’ve been singing the British #1 Christmas tune below.

Ernie has his holiday sweater on. Don’t let this photo fool you. He is not happy about it.

Dear followers, the British Hubby and I wish you so much joy this festive time of year. It’s Christmas why not reach out to a long lost pal?

One thought on “Craftvent Day 5

  1. meri has made progress on the Craftvent 2016 Advent knitting calendar she received as a gift earlier this month . Unfortunately, stripes mean lots of color changes, which means lots of loose ends. And I completely failed to heed the pattern s advice to weave in ends as they came along.


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