Boxing Day Burgers

No one has ever become poor by giving. ~ Anne Frank

It’s Boxing Day. If you’re American, you may have no idea what this day is about. You may even think this is about a sport. This day is celebrated mainly in United Kingdom countries. The day after Christmas was when the servants were given the day off. The exact history dates back to a few different St. Stephens in several different cultures. A common theme is giving and charity. Maybe this is the day you make a clothing donation to charities in need or your local food bank or animal shelter. Or maybe you perform a random act of kindness or crafting for a charity.

Not surprisingly, we like to celebrate with food. You can check out our 2019 celebration or the 2017 feast. This year we’re celebrating with bacon cheese burgers from our favorite British Pub and Pantry. (This also gives us a chance to leave an unusually large tip for their staff. If you’ve ever worked in the service industry, those surprises are needed and appreciated.) Okay, so we also bought a few other non-keto items. The British Hubby was good and didn’t eat his bun. He made his into a lettuce wrap. We know we shouldn’t eat the chocolates and baked treats, but sometimes you just need a Boxing Day trifle.

When you’re a cat, Boxing Day has an entirely different meaning. Every day is Boxing Day for Burt!

2 thoughts on “Boxing Day Burgers

    • I hear you about the keto wagon in January, Yum and Yarn. It’s hard around the holidays not to indulge just a little. It’s easier for me to turn down sweets than bread so I enjoy my burger and buns. The British Hubby is a sweets guy.

      Cats are so very funny!

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