Craftvent Day 6

Happiness comes to those who make. ~ Rebecca Danger

Today’s quote is taken directly from my Day 6 crafty self-care item. As 2020 comes to a close, this is a good reminder that happiness comes from within. Many of us have had to dig deep with-in ourselves to find happiness this year. Beauty, joy, and yes, happiness can be find in the smallest places if we take the time to look for it.

Day 6 was the next contrast section to break-up the lace sections. Since the transitional lines and fisherman’s ribbing sections are repeated through the scarf, I’m hoping to crank out these rows rather quickly. Day 6 also included the fun happiness sticker with the above quote. While the sticker is commenting on knitting, the quote itself can be applied to anyone or anything.

  • Day 1: Needles and pattern code, msm hand cream and tender loving care herbal tea “Tea-LC” from Plum Deluxe.
  • Day 2: Yarn for the first lace section and DK weight yarn in Barn Door from Apple Fiber Studio. I had some amazing teas while working on this section. Chocolate-orange rooibos from Lizzy Kate, Elderberry Wine from Adagio teas, and Grandmas Caramel Butterscotch Black from Plum Deluxe.
  • Day 3: Yarn for first transition section. My crafters self-care advent calendar had Dream Catcher tea from Flying Bird Botanicals. I had to laugh because the last thing I need right now is more tea, but I’m always excited to find new local businesses. Flying Bird Botanicals has drinking chocolates in interesting flavors along with honey, matcha and tea. I see more of this brand in my future. Since this took less time to knit, I only managed to get through two packages of advent calendar tea: Spiced Apple Chai from Adagio and Lizzy’s Breakfast Supreme from Lizzy Kate. The breakfast supreme was a great pick-me-up for sluggish mornings when I need to be alert for the day job.
  • Day 4: A project bag and Craftvent 2020 pins that became ornaments. This time I drank two teas from Plum deluxe. (In case you were wondering, I’m not drinking the teas in the order I open them necessarily.) Fog Cutter black and Decaf House Blend both were scrumptious.
  • Day 5: Yarn for lace section three and knitting accessories. I’ve had two lovely cups of tea while knitting the day 5 rows. The first was Cherry Marzipan Oolong from Adagio. It had elements of a British baked confectionary in tea form. Yum! The second I made into a hot toddy with Earl Grey Cream from Lizzy Kate.
  • Day 6: Contrasting yarn for the next transitional lines and fisherman’s ribbing sections along with a knitting sleuth happiness sticker. I had two fantastic cups of tea while working on day 6. The first was Pu-erh Chorange from Adagio. This tasted like a Terry’s chocolate orange candy in beverage form. The second cup was Porch Sippin’ Pecan Black from Plum Deluxe.

SkeinHerder’s Songs: It’s game day if you’re an LFC fan. Today I was mostly listening to the live match. It was a 1-1 drawl. Not exactly the result I was hoping for, but Liverpool is still number 1 in the Premiere League. Go Reds!

Ernie was hoping to avoid being caught on tape with his jingle collar on. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wear it that long.

With these last few days of 2020, how can you spread some happiness and joy?

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