Craftvent Day 9

If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path. ~ Embracing the Buddha Within

When I’m knitting a gift, I like to think of that person while I’m knitting. I think about the good times we’ve shared, happy memories or just the love and compassion I feel towards them. I like to imagine the hat or scarf or blanket as a physical hug that I can’t provide. That seems especially important during a pandemic. Part of me is there providing love, encouragement and support even though my physical body isn’t with them. I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to gift both of my craftvent scarves or keep one. I’ve also been thinking about gifting one to a lucky follower. I still have quite a bit of knitting yet to do so we’ll see how fast I can accomplish these.

Day 9 provided yarn for the next transitional lines and fisherman’s rib sections. I love the contrasting colors in this section. The crafters self-care calendar was a fun snowman tin filled with mints, a leather handmade tag and a small crochet hook that will come in handy for fixing knitting mistakes.

  • Days 1 – 8: I decided to chunk this section into three groups of eight so it doesn’t get too long. Click the link to check out tea or knitting paraphernalia from previous days.
  • Day 9:Contrasting yarn for the next transitional lines and fisherman’s rib sections. The crafters self-care calendar included mints in a fun tin, a leather handmade tag and crochet tool for fixing mistakes. I had two more amazing teas. The first was Almond Oolong from Adagio. The second was Vanilla Bean from Lizzy Kate.

The ham I cooked on Friday is a great addition to eggy sarnies on keto buns with the amazing teas. The British Hubby likes to add diced ham to his morning scrambles. We love a good breakfast for dinner so this meal is probably going to show up again for dinner or lunch this week. Yum!

SkeinHerder’s Songs: Today I’ve mostly been listening to CAT TV by the Birder King. The British Hubby and I stumbled across this online. We laughed at the idea of tv for cats. And then we put it on in the lounge to see what Burt, Gracie and Ernie would think. They do watch it, and they do equate the TV birds to the birds that visit our bird feeders. It’s also quite soothing for humans too.

Ernie was not impressed to be required to pose in a holiday headband after all the holiday decorations are down. He doesn’t care I’m still working on Craftvent. It was a two person process just to get the photo. I slipped him a small piece of ham after the photo shoot and all was forgiven. Maybe humans should learn not to hold grudges like their pets?

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