Celebrating Life: Keto Iced Lolly

Some people grumble that roses have thorns, I’m grateful that thorns have roses. ~ Alphonse Karr

Last Friday, we were celebrating life with gratitude. I learned from my dear followers about a gratitude jar. I love that idea! I also love the idea of a gratitude journal. I haven’t yet settled on which route to go. Maybe I’ll do both? This week, gratitude is still in the forefront of my thoughts. I am grateful that keto, low-carb, Atkins, Paleo has become more main stream, and there are more and more keto products on the market. This week I’m celebrating the British Hubby’s newest Keto find: Iced Lollies!

You’re probably wondering what the heck is an iced lolly? It’s a British term for ice cream bars or popsicles. Think cold items on a stick. The British Hubby discovered a new to us keto comfort food with keto pint. (I would show a photo of the bar, but they vanished before I could set-up a photo shoot.) We tried the mint chocolate chip ones first. Our local grocery store carries these. They have two net carbs per iced lolly with four in each package. The ice cream is creamy and minty. The chocolate coating is real chocolate. I felt like I was eating some European baked confectionary. (You know the type where the recipes have been handed down generation after generation for 100’s of years.) It was that amazing.

SkeinHerder’s Songs: Today I’m mostly listening to dance music. I’m not going to let the crummy events of 2020 and how 2021 started last week get me down. I’m going to shake, shake, shake. Sometimes I even have the kitties dance with me to their mortification. What do you listen to when your need a pick me up?

Burt says, “I’m celebrating life in a box!”

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