Meditative Hiking

We are not makers of history. We are made by history. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Being out in nature can soothe the soul. Weather it’s watching a beautiful summer sunset, or a winter sunrise that turns into mist and fog, or crossing copious streams and puddles from heavy rains, nature never fails to put on a spectacular show. Maybe it’s the stark contrast between the chaotic hustle and bustle of modern living and being continuously online.

We had mostly dry conditions this past week after a storm knocked out power, cell towers and internet for several hours or several days for some. This gave the British Hubby and I a chance to do a shortish 3.25 mile hike. Stomping or jumping in puddles always makes my heart sing even if this particular weekend my heart songs were a bit subdued. This weekend the British Hubby and I received some very sad news. We are grieving the loss of a beloved UK family member to COVID-19.

It can be challenging to quiet the inner voices in your body and mind, but if you stick with it the rewards are astounding. We were able to capture a tiny piece of the soothing sounds of nature above.

This week I challenge you to do one random act of kindness.

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