Celebrating Life: Beauty and the Box

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

In February, I challenged myself to look for the beauty that surrounds me every day. It isn’t always easy to look for the beauty in a windstorm or multiple days without sunshine. This week I’m celebrating life with the amazing mountain view I managed to capture while picking up my contactless curb-side library books. When the mountains get fresh snow, the views are stunning. It’s going to be even more amazing soon. A winter storm is headed our way. It’s currently 26 and feels like 18! Eeek, that’s Midwestern cold. Snow fall totals have changed so many times I’m not sure if we’re going to get a foot or a dusting. I’m waiting to be surprised in the morning on that call. (I may have our sleds standing by!)

It always amazes me how quickly the kitties will jump in a box immediately after I empty it. I wondered if the same principal applies to all cardboard products regardless of their shape. Turns out it does. Which lead me to conclude that cats must find beauty in boxes. Here’s Ernie enjoying cardboard flatpacks from our kitty food purchase.

I hope your weekend is off to a great start. Happy Lunar New Year to those of you that celebrate this holiday. Happy year of the Ox.

8 thoughts on “Celebrating Life: Beauty and the Box

  1. How nice to spy mountains. It made me think of what I might try and appreciate from my window today. As my family is in isolation this week (we had suspected Covid 19 in our household and can’t go out) I am quite bored of the view from my sofa. Yesterday there were long icicles hanging from a neighbour’s roof – I wondered what might happen if they didn’t just melt away slowly – slightly nervous I’d look across later and see someone prone on the floor with an icy spike poking out of their back. Today the icicles have gone, there are still patches of snow and ice afoot but it isn’t quite as pretty as it has been. So, sadly today, not much out there to be interested in ! I wish I had mountains …

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      • Nothing warmer before Tuesday; we’re slated to approach freezing (32 degrees) as the week goes on. 29 will have to do. Our sliding door is effectively a picture window, as it doesn’t open. Anyone the thinks climate change isn’t real is welcome to spend the night on my balcony!

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      • So true, Trish. We can see how the climate has changed just in the short eight or nine years we’ve lived here in the PNW. Keep warm. I’m sending warm thoughts. It’s supposed to be 40 here by the end of the week.

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