Working from Home: Week 51

He who is not satisfied with a little is satisfied with nothing. ~ Diogenes

As the number continues to climb up, it seems hard to believe we’re still working from home. And yet, here we are still working from home. The British Hubby will most likely continue to work from home at least part time as the work force continues to evolve. The kitties are going to be the most upset when we start commuting again. We’ve already discovered Burt calls for us when we’re both behind closed doors in online meetings.

With the snow storm that hit this weekend and many parts of the country, it’s been a slow week for us. My heart goes out to those of you without power, or places that normally don’t see snow, or the places that had record breaking snow falls. Hang in there. If you need a knitted hat, I have plenty to spare. Or a smile, check out Ernie helping me take snow photos below.

He’s such a silly kitty. I think he officially claimed my camera as his. He did manage to leave some cute paw prints in a drift. That’s as far as he would venture outside.

SkeinHerder’s Songs: Today I’ve mostly been listening to cat tv. It does seem a bit cruel to put on mousy tv for the kitties, but they do love it so and no mice were harmed. Burt is a little chunky so this is part of his more play routine. (The vet said he needed to lose weight. We still love him even on the plump side.)

No new recipes this week. We’re still finishing up the keto Jaffa cake. Oh my is it amazing!

May this find you warm, safe and at peace.

3 thoughts on “Working from Home: Week 51

    • So true! Maybe more places will allow bring your pets to work day. That wouldn’t make our kitties happy, but I would enjoy having dogs at the work place. I guess it also depends on the work environment. Maybe that’s a hint I should work with pets more. šŸ™‚

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      • Oh that would be a lovely idea. I’m a nanny so a pet would be fun but a lot more work. But dogs around the office would create a fun environment!


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