Beauty Killed the Beast

Kong the eighth wonder of the world!

This week we took a hiatus from our Bond marathon to change gears for a bit. In preparation for Godzilla vs. Kong in March, we’re watching all the King Kong movies. The original King Kong movie was made in 1933. It started with a five minute overture. The British Hubby had no patience for this musical interlude. I was trying to channel what it must have felt like to see a film in 1933. When going to the movies would have been a special event. One in which you would look rather spiffy. Lounging in you home wearing flannel pajama pants wouldn’t have been an option. Then you couldn’t even imagine the technology to watch a movie in your own home. Can you imagine paying a quarter, $0.25, to see a movie debuting on a Friday night? That was the average cost of a movie in 1933.

Watch King Kong (1933) | Prime Video

I’ve always thought this original Kong movie was a bit sad. As a species, humans have this need to conquer everything. Shoot first and ask questions later. Why can’t we learn to live in harmony with nature? Everything isn’t always out to get us. I imagine this movie would have seemed rather provocative in 1933. The world would have seemed pretty big then. Not the global economy it is now. You couldn’t arm chair travel with the click of the mouse like you can today. In 100 years from now, what common part of our current society will look primitive?

King Kong' Review: 1933 Movie | Hollywood Reporter

I always end up rooting for Kong, and he dies every single time. It’s sort of like how I keep watching LOTR’s just to make sure the Shire is safe.

We’re back to our keto Quest pizzas. Garlic cheese curds are back in stock! They add such an amazing flavor and depth to our Friday night pizzas. It’s a treat for my taste buds every time you hit a pocket of salty garlic goodness. This week the pizza is paired with a local red wine from a virtual wine tasting party we attended from the day job.

I imbibed a bit too much wine for for following a pattern. Subtitles and adult beverages are two reasons I like to keep a simple project on the needles like the Chevrons of Christmas. Gracie is helping me model this week although I suspect she is secretly trying to get a bit of my pizza.

Farewell to February. Hello March!

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