Celebrating Life: Grilling

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you planet. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

We’re starting to see Spring like weather emerge here in the PNW. That means the 10 day forecast isn’t reliable. Sometimes even the 2 day forecast is wrong. You learn to dress in layers and go with it. The forecast says it’s going to be cloudy and rainy, but you wake up to blue skies and sunshine. That’s how this week has gone. We were expecting gloomy, but it turns out there were hidden morning/afternoons of amazing sunshine. We celebrated by take a trip to our favorite butcher and cleaning off the grill. It is a little earlier than we normally start up our grill, but we had to take advantage of the sunshine.

Marinades and sauces can often have hidden sugar. Hidden sugar is no friend of anyone on a low-carb or keto eating plan. We’ve found a sugar free sauce that helps bring tougher cuts of meat to life in the cooking process. (Or maybe I should say come back to life and it’s zombie steaks?) We haven’t tried it on tofu yet, but I think it could also work for plant based protein sources. We even have some mushrooms and veggies in there.

We don’t have steak very often. It’s a treat for this week we’ve enjoyed. It most definitely deserves celebrating! Veggie sides make this an amazing keto meal.

SkeinHerder Songs: Today I’ve mostly been listening to Kool & the Gang Celebrate!

Burt’s celebrated in his own way by enjoying the view on his fluffy pillow.

How will you celebrate life this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Life: Grilling

  1. Hi Shelly! Smokin’Hubster asked if you could consider wine- or vinegar-based marinades. That would help bypass the sugar and still tenderize your meats. We grill and smoke year-round, but SH is a tough guy (and loves his meat).

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    • Hey, Trish. Great suggestion. Do you make your own or have a brand you like? We’ve used vinegar based ones in the past, but not recently. We’ve never tried wine. The British Hubby doesn’t drink and we end up arguing over if all the alcohol is burned off or not in the grilling process. I could do an experiment next time with a smaller amount just for me.

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