Working from Home: Weeks 55 and 56 and 57

When you’re going through hell, keep going. ~ Winston Churchill

It’s been radio silent for a bit. Stuff has happened. I’m sure I did more then work, sleep, eat and take bathroom breaks. The reality is since I last posted there’s been little more than working and sleeping with an emphasis on working. The British Hubby has slipped me plates of food and cups of tea. There’s been no knitting and hardly any snuggles with the kitties. (In fact, they now sleep beside me while I work and occasionally meow their protests at these rectangles that I constantly stare at instead of petting them.) A few weeks ago, I mentioned a change coming in my day job. If you’re wondering working non-stop wasn’t the change I had in mind. For those of you that have been a follower since WIP started, you’ll know I created this blog to help me finish my copious amounts of Malabrigo March projects. March came and went this year with no new projects started or completed. Between getting the first and second vaccinations and my intense workload, I had no creative juices left. This saddens my heart more than you can imagine. In all the March sadness, we had some excitement. Ruby is thriving!

Keto rhubarb pie here we come! Okay, it’s a little early for pie. Grow Ruby grow!

Ernie thought sitting in the box would get him closer to me. It didn’t, but it was more cave like. I’m pretty sure he’s hidden a few skeins of yarn in his box cave to sleep on.

How have you been dear followers?

4 thoughts on “Working from Home: Weeks 55 and 56 and 57

  1. Oh, no, I am so sorry about the workload! One of the problems with modern technology is that the work followed you home in your email, but now there is no escaping it! I do hope that things lighted up soon… you need your knitting and life back!!


  2. I think the longevity of the pandemic is getting to us all – definitely not been so creative myself – despite having the time as I am not working. Friends who are prolific readers have said they aren’t even reading as much as usual. We all feel we have times we are just ‘wasting’ or just can’t get our mojo together. Perhaps it’s because we are all waiting for something great to happen (consciously or subconsciously), ie. the pandemic to be over. Could be a long wait.

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