Celebrating Life: Keto Hot Dog Buns

You are so much sunshine in every square inch. ~ Walt Whitman

Summertime in the Midwest always meant cook-outs, fresh pie, fireworks, lighting-bugs and toasted marshmallows. Those are some of my fondest childhood memories I have of summer vacations. Not surprisingly, my happiest memories involve food. I come from a family of feeders. Cooking/baking has always brought me joy. I love to cook for others. Having a pot-luck? I’m there.

Summer picnics and BBQ’s can be a challenge when you’re trying to live carb/sugar free. This week the British Hubby discovered keto hot dog buns. He could hardly contain his excitement. Now we can enjoy many of our favorite summertime favorites like chili cheese dogs (made with ground turkey and my own sauce so there’s no hidden sugar). Add in some broccoli slaw or keto potato salad, and you have yourself a very healthy summer meal that looks like it’s full of carbs. Yes, these were a bit of a challenge to find which probably means we won’t see them very often. That will make them all the more special.

How do these buns taste? Well, these are dry high fiber buns. It’s not an artisan bread that was kneaded to perfection. The point is to trick my taste buds into thinking I’m eating all my favorite high carb foods while I get back into a workout routine. Not to act like I’m on a diet, but to eat the summer foods I would normally enjoy eating. Once you add some keto friendly condiments and/or cheese to the bun, you really can’t notice it’s rather bland.

This week we’re celebrating life with keto buns and childhood memories. Ernie’s celebrating life with a nap on his favorite pillow.

How are you celebrating life this weekend?

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