Small Town Fun

“Your the mayor of shark city.” ~ Jaws

Last year, most of our celebrations involved supporting local businesses and social distancing. This year, we’re still supporting local businesses, but we also went on a little July 4 adventure. This year we added in a morning Ulysses ride with our own Twin Peaks photo shoot. If you were a Twin Peaks fan, you know it was taped here in the PNW. The sign below no longer exists, but the road and view are still present.

City installs replica 'Welcome to Twin Peaks' sign on Reinig Road, creates tourist picture spot ...

A few items have changed, but we’re in the same spot. Just a few miles away, there is a lovely park where we relaxed with a keto picnic. We had a lovely mountain view for some knitting and tea.

We wrapped up the day with some grilling, some bubbles and of course Jaws! We really really love keto buns. These buns are full of fiber so zero net carbs! This week we added grilled asparagus to our veggies. Yum!

The kitties had their own fun. Boxes are hours and hours of entertainment or napping.

And there’s also plotting how to get the other cat out of said box.

Hope your holiday weekend was fun and safe. Do you have any favorite traditions?

P.S. Have you been watching the UEFA EURO 2020 matches? The Italy and Spain game had quite the exciting finish today.

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