Book Challenge: Vanishing Fleece

Be the reason someone smiles today.

It’s been a bit since my last book challenge book. I’m a bit behind for completing 25 books this year, but I’m not worried. Setting a book challenge is about expanding my knowledge even if I only read two books really slowly. Okay, some books are bit more fluff than educational, but I am keeping my mind engaged nonetheless. And keeping the kitties happy weather I am knitting on the couch with an audio book or curled up in bed with a good tome, I almost always have a feline companion. This week I finished Vanishing Fleece by Clara Parks.

Episode 94 - Clara Parkes - Vanishing Fleece - Fruity Knitting

The author follows a bale of wool from the excitement of shearing day on one of the few American farms that was purposefully breeding the animals for wool. Next to the few mills that can process smaller amounts of wool which are not the same mills that create yarn (that’s a completely separate process) and finally to a few different dyers to make that yarn come to life. Like many cottage industries, the fiber industry is struggling to make it and stay relevant in today’s techno/digital world. If you work with fiber or yarn in any form, this book is for you. In the age of sustainability and shopping local, we should all know the process that special hand-dyed skein of yarn went through before it became one’s special project.

Pin by Angela Raby on sheep | Yarn humor, Knitting humor, Knitted wit

My tea challenge is doing a bit better than the reading challenge. My goal is to empty at least three containers a month that way I make a dent in the copious amounts of tea I already own. (Not to mention I still get 2 packages monthly from my tea subscription.) By July I should have 21 empty packages, and I’m happy to report I have 23! I was making great progress until I cleaned out my tea stash at the old day job, and then was gifted some tea by some amazing co-workers as a leaving gift. Can you really have too much tea? (Let’s face nobody enjoys having to show your appreciation for a gift that’s full of items you don’t like.)

We had a few sprinkles of rain today. Naturally, the kitties thought it was chilly and needed to huddle together for warmth while napping.

What are you reading or listening too?

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