Orphan WIP Rescue

Life is about the journey. Finding yourself in unexpected places, taking the path not traveled and enjoying life’s great adventure.

My knitting reflects this. I’m a process knitter. I knit because I love to knit. I get a thrill when I find the perfect pattern for that special skein of yarn. Casting on new projects is like discovering a new crush. Could this be my one true love? I want to spend every waking moment with my new project until I find the next new project that sweeps me off my feet. Repeat this process for the last decade or so. Associating monogamy with my knitting projects seems sort of dirty and wrong. Abandoned projects have been lovingly named my knitting orphans (thanks hubby).

As my knitting was threatening to take over our lounge (you know it’s bad when your cats are secretly judging you), hubby suggested I clean out my craft room and round up all my orphans. It was time for our annual Spring clean, why not go through my knitting. What would happen if I did a Spring clean with my knitting? What would I discover?

Four bins and three bags house 75 projects. A few have moved all over the country with me, hubby and the kitties. At least one is over a decade old in the making.


My quest is to have no orphan wips by March 1, 2017. This breaks down to at least 8 projects finished or frogged every month starting in May. This seemed achievable when the bins were safely tucked in my craft room. Outside in broad daylight, I feel a little daunted by this quest. Can I really stay focused for the next 10 months and not cast on a new project? Will I cave? Will I go through casting on withdrawal?


You may be tall, but I’m sitting on it, and that makes it mine.


8 thoughts on “Orphan WIP Rescue

  1. I am glad to see I am not the only one with bins and a hubby urging me to purge. Everytime I say I need yarn for a project he says “Don’t you have enough yarn?” Is he kidding…you can never have enough yarn. I will join you in your quest of the WIP rescue! Thanks for posting.

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      • I have several kits that I have purchased that I have not even started yet plus oodles of yarn that I have accumulated. The kits I can – and should – work on. It is the other yarn that I am at a loss for what to do with. Some are odds and ends others are enough for projects – just which ones and where to start?!?!

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      • I was recently introduced to Ravelry and am looking for inspirations. I also like Garn Drops. They have free patterns but then I need to resist the temptation to order from there and try to use what I have. Found a cute pattern last night and will open an old WIP to make it. Will post updates on my blog and keep you posted as I progress.

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