Happy Anniversary

How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you.

I originally planned this post to be about the 1 year anniversary for Criterion Channel. Then I remembered my very first blog post was four years ago today. Having too many projects was my problem then, and I’m still working on it now. Thank you all for following my journey. I think we can all agree it’s uncertain what the next four years will bring, but I hope to provide as much humor, crafting, adventure and cat photos as I can.

Chocolate celebration cake | Recipe | Celebration cakes, Cake ...

One year ago, the Criterion Channel was launched. It started with Columbia Noir. To celebrate the anniversary, Columbia Noir is back with 14 new titles added to the collection. We decided to watch all the titles in the collection even the ones we watched last year. They were that good the movies deserved a second viewing. So far we watched:

Image result for blind alley ovie
My Name Is Julia Ross Poster
So Dark the Night Poster

Please keep in mind older films often portray attitudes of the times. They may depict women, races/nationalities, children and animals in ways we don’t agree with today. By no means am I supporting these attitudes. Watching these movies is a glimpse at life as it used to be the good and the bad.

Knitting garter stitch squares on my COVID Comfort was perfect for these movies. When I read through the first clue in this pattern, I wasn’t exactly sure how these squares were going to work. From years of knitting, I know that sometimes it’s hard to visualize a technique until I have the pieces constructed. I must admit I had my doubts this truly required no seaming, but I trusted things would be revealed as I progressed. The wait was worth it. After knitting two squares, I picked up stitches on both to create the third square. Knitting square three, seams them together. Pretty neat!

No new food recipes so far this week, but plenty of kitty photos. We’ve all been hanging out together.

How is your weekend going?

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