First Liberated Orphan

It’s the 23rd of May, and I’m finally posting my first liberated orphan. Introducing my finished Holiday Hitchhiker. It has 43 teeth. Normally, I would measure how much of the skein was left, but it appears to be on walk about. It felt so liberated that it decided to go on vacation. Maybe it will send me a postcard.


What else have I been working on? Well, the epic picot binding is still on going. Citron Grande is still waiting to be blocked. I pulled out Sky & Earth for the drive to Mount St. Helens. It’s a great mindless project for TV watching or travel. The yarn is Malabrigo in Rios color Cielo y Tierra. The pattern is Wheat by Tin Can Knits. Hubby requested a new scarf so I’m slowly making hubby a new scarf. I’m slightly worried I don’t have enough yarn to make this long enough. I guess we shall see when I run out of the first skein.


Here’s another Tin Can Knits pattern, Rye. This is one of my favorite patterns for bed socks. The yarn is Malabrigo Mecha in Tabacos. I’m just about to turn the heel on sock number two. Sock number one still needs to have the toe kitchener stitched closed. Maybe I can convince Ernie to do that for me this week.


I also pulled out my Washington Mist. I just finished the first lace short row section. I’ve never made a shawl with lace short rows before. It’s really rather nifty. The pattern is Waiting for Rain by  Sylvia Bo Bilvia. The yarn is Malabrigo Mechita in Plomo. Plomo is one of my favorite grays. It has hints of purple. You can just about see them in this photo.


I have eight days to finish seven more projects. It’s going to be quite a race to June 1. Maybe I’ll call in sick one day.

Here’s another photo from our Mount St. Helens journey. This is a view of Mount Adams.




There’s no room and you’re not on the guest list…


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