Count Down to June

It’s mid-day on May 29th. There are approximately 60 hours left in this month. The clock is ticking down on my quest to liberate eight Orphans this month. I’ve been busy blocking and weaving in ends. Here’s another project having a soak. This one the suds were overflowing.


Here’s a few more liberated orphans. I decided to frog a sweater that was in progress. When your British hubby makes comments on your sweater resembling shag carpet, one should rethink the garment.

I had blanket for one of my nephews almost finished. It just needed the ends woven in and a wash. It’s now ready to be shipped off to it’s new home.


Last but certainly not least, I give you my Citron Grande. I can’t wait to wear this one. The photos don’t really show just how massive this shawl is. It can double as a lap blanket.

Brief update on a other wips:

  • Washington Mist: Six out of fourteen repeats are done in part two. The rows are getting longer. Soon I will have 300 stitches and be ready for the second lace short row section.
  • Rios Rye for the British Hubby: Just on the cuff on this one. The second skein arrived, but it’s much darker. I’m going to alternate skeins on sock number two.
  • Charity Malt: 11 of 80 rows done in the small square section. This is going to be sort of a marathon project.
  • Earth & Sky: Skein 1 has 37.23 grams left and skein two has 60.65 grams. Since I made this a bit wider than the original, I ordered a third skein.

That’s four Orphans Liberated! Can I get four more done? Ernie wants me to spend all my time like this:


More snuggles Mama.


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