Snow Day

Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood. ~Andy Goldsworthy

Parts of the PNW receive numerous feet of snow every year while other parts are lucky if they receive a light dusting. This always makes potential winter storms somewhat exciting. Over the past week, the snow fall prediction for Friday changed daily. The probability of a snow day on Friday was pretty slim, but just in case I had all the supplies needed to make one of my childhood favorite cookies, molasses crinkles.

These cookies go great with my latest shipment from the Plum Deluxe Tea Club, Winter Comfort Chia Tea. I made a tea latte with this immediately upon opening. A perfect combo for relaxing with some knitting and Christmas carols. Since I had some extra knitting time on Friday, I also had a chance to finish Orphan Wip number two for December. Presenting Malabrigo Elevation in Rios the color natural. You can wear this as a cowl, pull it down over your shoulders or make it into a hood. I especially love how it reminds me of the snow covered mountains at this time of year.

Update on other wips:

  • Frank in Pairs: Still missing! Maybe it’s helping Santa?
  • Dewberry Dancer: Just finished row 37 on section two. The shawl is growing. It’s up to 229 stitches.
  • Project Peace: Cast on is complete! I’m working on round one. For a few days, I thought this cast on was never going to end, but I decided to perceive in the name of Peace.

Friday was rather chilly. The kitties decided to hibernate from the snow and snuggle all together. Don’t they look cute!

Two projects completed this month. Six more to go!

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