The Big Chill Continues

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. ~ John Steinbeck

It’s day eight of below freezing temperatures at my house. (I still have snow!) Poor Ernie has constant static because he’s been sleeping on the heating vents. Our humidifiers are getting a workout attempting to put moisture back in the air.



This week I’ve made some progress on my Malabrigo Love of my Life Hat Edition hat. The pattern is Easy Ombre Slouch Hat. The yarn is Malabrigo rios in English Rose and Rios. You may remember this hat is to match my Malabrigo Love of My Life socks.

Today the British Hubby was able to do hike number four. Sadly, I had to attend a workshop for the day job (boo hiss). Check out his awesome photos. I’m planning to get a short hike in tomorrow.



Gracie was trying to look scary this week. I think maybe she’s trying to spook Ernie.


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