One Year Anniversary

March to the beat of your own drum.

Today is the one year anniversary of my very first post! How exciting. A year ago, I decided to mark my journey through all my lingering wips. The British Hubby calls them my Orphan Wips. On my very first post, I had about 75 projects. As I cleaned out various parts of our house, I suspect that number was too low. Below you can see the photo of all my Orphans from last year.


This weekend, I pulled out my bins for another group photo. What a difference a year has made. I counted 45 Orphans wips! Yes, many were cast on last month during the Malabrigo March frenzy. The smaller bin even has yarn for a couple of planned projects in March.


My original quest was to have no wips by March 1, 2017. Clearly, I didn’t meet that goal nor did I stay focused on just my wips. That said, it still feels like I had a very productive year. I’m going to stick with eight projects finished or frogged projects each month. While casting is still my favorite, I’m much more intentional with new projects than I was last year. Okay, I won’t mention the amount of hats I made for myself this year and the fact that I really don’t need any new ones. (Yet, I still keep knitting them.)

Here’s to another great year! I’m not sure what this year will bring, but it’s bound to be an adventure (I bet it will involve cat photos as well). In May, I plan to announce our summer plans (hint: it involves three wheels).

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