Small Comforts

We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason.

I’ve always been a free spirited independent soul. Even as a young child, I never needed or wanted help. I could do it on my own. As an adult, asking for help is not one of my strong points. You can imagine how surprised I was the first time the British Hubby traveled for work and my world seemed to come unglued. Before he entered my life, I had never really believed in soulmates. Movie love was just in the movies. Sure there were people I naturally gravitated towards, but to say I had a kindred spirit out there I was destined to spend my life with I just didn’t believe it.


The British Hubby used to travel on a regular basis for his day job. That’s when I discovered I could only manage to cook onion rings and tatter tots when he was away. This time is no exception. Tonight’s feast is waffle fries and potato skins. Burt is currently roaming the house meowing in search of the British Hubby. Poor Ernie has been snuggling with me at night so I don’t get lonely. Even Gracie has been pacing more than normal.


With the British Hubby away, I did have more house work than normal, but I did still manage a little bit of knitting.

Update on Purpuas Wips:

  • Meandering Lace Shawl: I started section three. This shawl is starting to get exciting now. I have increases and decreases happening. I think you can just about make it our in the photo.
  • Dewberry Entrapment: I’m on section three. It’s getting closer to the decreases.
  • African Violet Shawl:  I’m on the second garter section. The rows are just starting to get longish and slightly boring. It’s good tv or Ernie snuggling knitting.

This red blankie is my favorite. 

Thank goodness the British Hubby returns tomorrow.

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