The Return of Steve & Stevette

Let nature be your teacher. ~ William Wordsworth

A few weeks ago, I noticed the return of Steve and Stevette, our yard bunny couple. Their appearance always signifies the start of Spring. I mistakenly thought they hibernated over the winter, but after a little research I discovered rabbits do not hibernate. You can learn more here. Steve and Stevette munch on grass, leaves and love to sit in our front yard. They are especially found of our maple bush in front of the big bay window. This drives Burt and Ernie wild! Last year, the British Hubby commented that this is probably no longer the same Steve and Stevette from our first year in the PNW since we’ve been here for five years. I know he’s correct, but I like to pretend it’s the same Steve and Stevette couple happily living together on our front lawn.


Update on Purpuas Wips:

  • Meandering Lace Shawl: I have five repeats done in section three. If it weren’t for the increases and decreases, a ribbing shawl would be extremely boring to knit.
  • Dewberry Entrapment: Even though I added extra repeats in each section, the hat still isn’t tall enough. Now, I’m just knitting to make it tall enough.
  • African Violet Shawl:  I’m almost done with this garter section.



Can you guess what the kitties are watching?

I know what you’re thinking. It’s the end of the month, and I haven’t shown very many finished wips. What can I say, I just might not have eight finished or frogged wips this month.

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