April Recap

The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places. 

It’s the last day of April. Where did the month go? This month the day job has creeped into my weekends and evenings. It put quite the damper on my crafting time. This morning, I only had two finished projects. So I went through my bins and found some projects to frog. Presenting the six projects finished or frogged for April. You’ve already seen my Resistance Hat and Cozy Twisted Cowl. 


Among the frog pond are a TDS sock from last year that was barely past the cuff and a racing rain drops that I haven’t worked on in years. Plus it’s using an alpaca blend. I can’t even wear alpaca. Next is my Project Peace. This one had about 2 inches done and probably wasn’t going to get much further. Lastly, is the start of another pink charity blanket. I wasn’t going to have enough yarn to finish this one.


This weekend, the kitties spent most of their time resting. Poor kitties had their annual vet check-up on Saturday. Fortunately, they all have a clean bill of health.

I didn’t make it to eight frogged or finished wips this month, but I’m happy with six given how little knitting time I had. In a few hours it will be May, on to my next eight liberated wips!

2 thoughts on “April Recap

  1. I like your finished pieces, and I’m sure you’ll find some use or home for the frogged yarn, but what drew me to your post was those cats. They look absolutely precious. Best of luck in liberating your May WIPs!


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