Intrigue, Conspiracy & World Domination

Comparison is the death of joy. ~ Mark Twain

It’s the start of another calendar year. Traditionally, people like to set new year resolutions that are forgotten by the end of January. A few years ago, the British Hubby and I decided to have a theme for each year. 2017 was the year for outdoor adventure. We’ve had the year for eating good food (also known for no back seating cooking) and the year of no faffing (this was a personal favorite). 2018 is the year of Intrigue, Conspiracy and World Domination. IMG_20180103_1818134In preparation for our theme, I cut off all my hair (okay, you can’t really tell from this blurry close up of Ernie). Or maybe the universe was conspiring against my hair? 005.JPGMy latest cast on, The Last Cast on for 2017, is also getting in on the theme. Intriguingly, the mitts started off with a provisional cast on and are worked back and forth for the first 24 rows. (Check out my new project back from Father Christmas. It’s cat butts!)019Burt and Ernie are dominating the world via snuggling. Or maybe via their cuteness?

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