Mystery and Intrigue in Knitting

Without mysteries, life would be very dull indeed. What would be left to strive for if everything were known? ~ Charles de Lint

The older I get the more impulsive I become. I’ve become increasingly more aware the only thing stopping me is me. We all carry baggage with us of what we think we’re supposed to be and do and act. Let go of the baggage. Kick it to the curb! 037.JPGMy first impulse was buying this cashmere knitting kit for a mystery knit along (MKAL). At first, I thought how could I grow wrong with cashmere yarn. Then I stumbled over my baggage protesting I have too many wips and I never like MKALs. I gave it some consideration for a few days and decided I didn’t need my baggage any more. I bought the pattern, Treat Yourself by Bristol Ivy. Excitedly, I cast on last Wednesday when clue 1 dropped. Even more exciting, I’m ready for clue 2 a day early. 009.JPGHere’s my Cashmere Treat. I’m enjoying watching the pattern develop. No need to stress out about what if I don’t like the finished project. Someone out there will. 014.JPG

Burt and I are getting ready for Malabrigo March! It’s just eight days away!



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