Conspiracy: The Invaders

Once you go alien, you never go back. ~ Gini Koch

Have you ever wondered if there were visitors from other planets walking among us? How would we know? Would their little finger stick out straight? Would they have scales? More importantly would they knit or would yarn stores be a safe space? Image result for creature from the black lagoonHere’s one visitor to a yarn store you would never see. You can be the scariest creature in the universe, however, you would miss out on some very fine knit wear. How long would your hand knit jumper last with those bony ridges? Though he might be able to wear a beanie. Hmmm, do they make beanie patterns for creatures from outer space? Seems like that might be an untapped market. 005The British Hubby suspects cats are actually creatures from outer space sent here to take over Earth with their cute little pawsies. I’m not so sure about kitties, but I am going to take a good look at the patrons in the yarn store on my next visit.

Maybe knitting didn’t even originate here, but was a gift from out there…

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